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Delta Watch

 As early storms continue to roll across Northern California keeping the region flush with rain and snow, water users and residents are left to wonder about California’s ongoing record drought. Will the rains continue and a strong El Niño get us out of this four-year, natural and man-made drought?

Time for policymakers to prepare for more of the same

The October 1 start of a new “water year” provides a good opportunity to reflect on 2015 and take a glimpse at what 2016 may hold.

The past year brought more of the same as California’s drought, among the worst in the state’s history, entered its fourth straight year. Last year was characterized by warmer than normal winter temperatures, well below normal precipitation and the lowest snowpack ever recorded.

Raging wildfires throughout California are a daily reminder of the extremely dry conditions currently facing the state. Just how dry is it?