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Delta Watch

Stormwater and Agricultural Runoff

Via both discharges from storm drains and natural run-off to rivers and streams, a number of cities within and up stream of the Delta release hundreds of thousands of gallons of water containing contaminants and toxic chemicals each day. According to the Center for Biological Diversity, both delta smelt and the plankton on which it feeds are suffering direct mortality or impairment from the presence of toxic substances in the water.

Pyrethroids, among the most widely used home pesticides, are winding up in the Delta at toxic levels, and endangering the food supply of fish and other aquatic animals, according to a new study by researchers at the University of California, Berkeley. Pyrethroid insecticides, commonly used in California to kill ants and other pests around the home have been widely found in street run-off and in the outflow from sewage treatment plants in the Sacramento area. The insecticide is being increasingly found in two urban water ways, the San Joaquin River and a 20-mile stretch of the American River, traditionally considered to be one of the most pristine rivers in the region. Pyrethroids have been around for decades, but their use skyrocketed after 2004, when other home-use pesticides were banned. The main sources appear to be readily available insecticides applied around the home by homeowners and professional pest control operators to control pesky ants.

Additionally, salinity, herbicides, pesticides, and other toxic chemicals and pollutants from agricultural sources directly impact delta smelt, salmon and other endangered fish and their ecosystem. According to the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD), "...all life stages of delta smelt are at least periodically exposed to lethal or sub-lethal concentrations of herbicides and pesticides discharged and transported from upstream into their habitat." According to CBD, both the smelt and the plankton on which it feeds are suffering direct mortality or impairment from the presence of toxic substances in the water.

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